Clare Stimpson

Clare Stimpson is an exhibition specialist and photographer in Reno, Nevada whose work focuses on contemporary storytelling by experiencing unknown surroundings from an outsider's lens and interpreting a new reality. Clare's images examine the landscape and how the interaction and presence of humanity, color, and the synthetic influences the natural state of the land. 

Clare has a Bachelor's degree in Art with a specialization in Photography from Virginia Commonwealth University. Clare has worked as a photography consultant for retail companies. Clare worked as a photographer's assistant for Matt Eich Photography in Charlottesville, VA. She previously worked for LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph as a Production Assistant and Exhibition Specialist. 

Clare's work was part of a group show by Small Talk Collective, Light Conversation: Vol 4 in 2023 in Portland, Oregon. She was included in a collective publication Annihilation of Space and Time by Zerofeeback in 2023. Her photography was featured twice on in 2020. Clare's videography was featured in Outside Magazine for "ADHD is Fuel for Adventure" in 2016. She was featured on AdultSwim #naturefacts sponsored by Old Spice. She curated the "Pinup" show at Pollak, Richmond, VA 2014. Clare's work has also been displayed in the shows "Dear Jo(h)n" in Richmond, VA 2015 & "Other Realms" in Richmond, VA 2014. Clare's short documentary film examining Richmond local gallery Studio 23 played at the Byrd Theater, Richmond, VA 2014. 

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